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Process map and fork problems

I'm chasing a problem on some 32bit Windows installs that supposedly
happened after one of the Windows updates (and probably other software
updates) in the last few months (the affected users were unable to pin it
down further unfortunately).  It's obviously caused by two heap sections in
the process map that are smack dab in the middle of the address range used
by rebase:

20000000-200A0000 rw-p 00000000 0000:0000 0                   [heap]
200A0000-38000000 ===p 000A0000 0000:0000 0                   [heap]

These do not exist on 32bit Cygwin installs on 64bit Windows installations,
so I couldn't see these problems on my test machine.  If I rebase the
colliding DLL manually out of this region, things start to work again.

Is there any way to find out where these come from?  The address range seems
to be fixed so far, so I probably could have rebase skip this range, but I'd
rather move these out of the way if possible.


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