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Re: Cygwin/X windowed single window mode not working properly on Windows 10

On 19/04/2016 10:13, Yos T wrote:
Recently I upgraded from Win8 to Win10. I used to run Cygwin/X with a
window manager (dwm) without any problems.
After the upgrade this did not work properly anymore. I can still run
the X server and dwm starts as expected. However the window does not
seem to be refreshing/ repainting correctly. Nothing appears when I
start an xterm and type something. When I move the mouse around and
click a bit, parts of the screen update and I see the xterm and the
commands I typed.
I tried a different window manger and no window manager, but just an
xterm, all with the same behavior.
When I run xterm in multiwindow mode it works as expected.
When I run in fullscreen mode (single window) everything also works as expected.
I tried the Cygwin 64 bit version, it works in the same way.

Any ideas what could cause this?

This is pretty odd.

You might try looking for updates for your display driver.

Failing that, do things work correctly if you add the '-engine 1' Xserver option?

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