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Re: git and absolute Windows-style paths

On Wed, Apr 20, 2016 at 05:44:47PM +0200, silverwind wrote:
> > I can't immediately see what's going wrong, so I'm going to report
> this upstream.
> Thanks. I came upon this issue through npm which is using these
> Windows paths for certain git operations. Unfortunately, The npm
> team is very reluctant when it comes to merging Cygwin-specific
> patches, so chances of landing a fix on their side are rather slim.
> Is there a public repository for the git package used by Cygwin?

The main Git repository[0] includes a bunch of Cygwin specific code
already, and I maintain a repository of the packaging paraphernalia[1]
which includes a couple of patches that aren't yet in the upstream code.


On Wed, Apr 20, 2016 at 06:21:53PM +0200, silverwind wrote:
> I think a floating patch to Cygwin's git 
> package would be more appropriate, unless it can be addressed in 
> Cygwin's system calls (which I'm sure has been attempted).

As the Git maintainer for Cygwin, I'm not willing to maintain a
downstream patch to make Cygwin Git handle Windows-style paths, and I
don't think there's much chance of one being accepted into the upstream
Git source code (although you're obviously welcome to try getting such a
patch accepted).

If you need to be able to pass Windows-style paths to Cygwin
applications, you should write a wrapper function or script that calls
`cygpath` to do the conversion.  Anything else is liable to work
intermittently at best; Cygwin applications in general expect
POSIX-style paths, given the aim of the Cygwin project is to provide a
POSIX-like environment.


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