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Re: Just finished updating my 64-bit Cygwin; at the end I have an exit code of 2 from

On 20/04/2016 19:38, Kenneth Wolcott wrote:
On Tue, Apr 19, 2016 at 10:57 PM, Marco Atzeri  wrote:
On 20/04/2016 04:01, Kenneth Wolcott wrote:

check error on

Mi Marco;

  Here is an excerpt from /var/logs/setup.log.full that might be pertinent:

2016/04/19 18:47:35 running: C:\cygwin64\bin\bash.exe --norc
--noprofile "/etc/postinstall/"
Fontconfig error:
"/etc/fonts/conf.d/66-google-noto-nastaliq-urdu.conf", line 35:
mismatched tag
/usr/share/fonts: failed to write cache
/usr/share/fonts/misc: failed to write cache
2016/04/19 18:47:41 abnormal exit: exit code=2

Ken Wolcott

The 2nd may be a side effect of font-tektronix-misc upgrade.

The Tektronix fonts were moved from /usr/share/fonts/misc to

What is the content of /usr/share/fonts/misc ?

Can you check if fonts.dir and fonts.scale content
fit with the current directory status ?

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