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Re: Process map and fork problems

On 22/04/2016 13:58, Achim Gratz wrote:
Marco Atzeri <marco.atzeri <at>> writes:
Octave is a good chuck, but not the only one

That gave me an idea... actually, Octave collectively is taking up about 60%
of the address space on my installation.  Or rather octave-forge is and more
specifically just one package: octave-tisean.  So I guess I should blacklist
that since I don't think anybody around here uses it.  I'm not sure why
these dynamic modules are as large as they are, but they are by far the
largest ones in the whole install, followed distantly by the netcdf DLL.


the dll's are small

$ cd /usr/lib/octave/packages/tisean-0.2.3/x86_64-unknown-cygwin-api-v50+/

$ du -hs
1.6M    .

but clearly, there is something wrong in them:

$ rebase -si | awk '{print $5, $1}' |sort
0x01038000 /usr/bin/cygoctinterp-3.dll
0x0104f000 /usr/bin/cygoctave-3.dll
0x0123a000 /usr/bin/cyggcj-16.dll
0x0126e000 /usr/bin/cyggcj-15.dll
0x012ad000 /usr/bin/cygLLVM-3.5.dll
0x017ed000 /usr/bin/cygicudata56.dll
0x01834000 /usr/bin/cygicudata54.dll
0x01885000 /usr/bin/cygicudata57.dll
0x01f98000 /usr/bin/cygQt5WebKit-5.dll
0x03126000 /usr/bin/cygnetcdf-11.dll
0x0cb25000 /usr/lib/octave/packages/tisean-0.2.3/i686-pc-cygwin-api-v50+/__surrogates__.oct 0x0cb25000 /usr/lib/octave/packages/tisean-0.2.3/i686-pc-cygwin-api-v50+/__upo__.oct 0x0cb25000 /usr/lib/octave/packages/tisean-0.2.3/i686-pc-cygwin-api-v50+/lazy.oct 0x0cb26000 /usr/lib/octave/packages/tisean-0.2.3/i686-pc-cygwin-api-v50+/__c1__.oct

I will investigate.


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