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Re: can't open cygwin from shortcut

Hmmm, that name sounds familiar...
(googles "doug mcilroy unix")
Just think of the karma for answering Prof. McIlroy's question... I
wish I could :)
John Ruckstuhl

Douglas McIlroy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Malcolm Douglas McIlroy (born 1932) is a mathematician, engineer, and
programmer. As of 2007 he is an Adjunct Professor of Computer Science
at Dartmouth College. McIlroy is best known for having originally
developed Unix pipelines, ...

Malcolm Douglas McIlroy - Hotel Genius -
Malcolm Douglas McIlroy. âThe unsung hero of ... and other wonders.
Unix user name: doug(?) Unix commands created: spell, diff, sort,
join, graph, speak, tr.

On Sat, Apr 23, 2016 at 8:26 AM, Doug McIlroy <> wrote:
> On a Microsoft Surface running CYGWIN_NT-10.0 version 2.4.1(0.293/5/3)
> I cannot start Cygwin from the desktop shortcut. It fails to find
> mintty. On failure, it proffers a browsing window focused on /bin.
> Clicking on mintty in that window does not work. I can start
> Cygwin via a Windows "run" request, however.
> On a Dell desktop machine running CYGWIN_NT-6.3 version 1.7.34(0.285/5/3)
> where the shortcut works, I see that the pathname in the shortcut
> ends in mintty.exe. The .exe extension is missing in the 2.4.1
> shortcut. Could this be the cause? If so, is there a convenient
> way to edit a shortcut?
> Doug McIlroy
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