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Re: can't open cygwin from shortcut

Doug McIlroy writes:
> On a Microsoft Surface running CYGWIN_NT-10.0 version 2.4.1(0.293/5/3)
> I cannot start Cygwin from the desktop shortcut. It fails to find
> mintty. On failure, it proffers a browsing window focused on /bin.
> Clicking on mintty in that window does not work. I can start
> Cygwin via a Windows "run" request, however.

Provided the link target of that shortcut is correct (see below), it
appears that Windows doesn't see mintty as an executable.

> On a Dell desktop machine running CYGWIN_NT-6.3 version 1.7.34(0.285/5/3)
> where the shortcut works, I see that the pathname in the shortcut
> ends in mintty.exe. The .exe extension is missing in the 2.4.1
> shortcut. Could this be the cause? If so, is there a convenient
> way to edit a shortcut?

The shortcut target should have a ".exe" suffix I think.  I just tried
removing the ".exe" suffix from my shortcuts and Windows keeps adding it
back on.  Unless something changed drastically, the only way for that
not happening I can see is if there was another file named mintty
(without extension) or if mintty wasn't executable in a way that Windows
can determine.

Shortcuts can be edited by opening the context menu on them and then
selecting "Properties".  I've never used anything Windows in touch mode,
so if you're using that I don't really know how to get there.  With the
mouse it's right-click on the symbol or selecting the symbol and then
pressing the "menu" key if your keyboard has one of those.  I guess the
easiest way would be to just check that Cygwin knows the file as
"/usr/bin/mintty.exe" and no other files starting with "mintty" exist in
that directory and edit the shortcut to match that.  If that doesn't
work, remove any "/usr/bin/mintty*" that do exist and re-install the
mintty package.

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