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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] texlive-collection-* 20160404-1 (TEST)

On 4/12/2016 2:21 PM, Ken Brown wrote:
Cygwin's TeX Live 2015 collections have been updated to the latest
upstream release as test releases.

TeX Live provides a comprehensive, cross-platform TeX system.  It
includes all the major TeX-related programs, macro packages, and fonts
that are free software, including support for many languages around the
world.  For more information, see

This test release includes the tlmgr (TeX Live Manager) utility.  tlmgr
allows a user to manage a TeX Live installation, both packages[1] and
configuration options.

tlmgr operates in two modes: system mode (the default) and user mode.
Some of the actions operate on the system directories and are not
available in user mode.  But installing/removing/updating packages is
allowed in user mode, with everything taking place in the user's home

I have restricted tlmgr so that certain system-mode actions that would
interfere with Cygwinâs package manager (setup-*.exe) are disabled.  You
can see the currently enabled actions in /etc/texmf/tlmgr/config.  I
have tried to be conservative in this initial test release and have
enabled only those actions that Iâm fairly sure are safe[2].  I may
enable more actions in the future.

Please test this release and report back.  Here are some things you can

1. tlmgr help

2. tlmgr paper

[This will show you the current default paper size for the TeX Live

3. tlmgr paper letter

[This sets the default paper size to "letter" size.  It writes to
various system directories, so you must run it as a user with write
access to those directories, typically an administrator.]

4. tlmgr init-usertree

[This initializes the directory ~/.local/share/texmf so that you can
perform various user mode actions.]

5. tlmgr --usermode option showall

6. tlmgr --usermode option autobackup 1

7. tlmgr --usermode option backupdir ~/.local/share/texmf/tlpkg/backups

[If the specified directory doesnât exist, youâll get a message telling
you to create it.]

8. tlmgr info | grep -v '^i '

[This gives you a list of all upstream packages that are not installed
on your system.]

9. tlmgr --usermode install noto

[noto can be replaced by any other upstream package.]

Ken Brown
Cygwin's TeX Live maintainer

[1] "Package" here is used in the sense of upstream TeX Live.  There are
about 3000 packages, which are organized into "collections".  Cygwin
only ships complete collections.  For example, the noto package is part
of the fontsextra collection.  Up to now, there has been no supported
way for a Cygwin user to install the noto package without installing the
entire fontsextra collection.

[2] "Safe" means that they wonât mess up your TeX Live installation.

No regressions have been reported, so I have promoted these releases from "test" to "current".


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