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Re: Cygwin process activation very slow

On 29/04/2016 03:39, wrote:

15-30 seconds to do even an ls of a small directory, seems to be
process activation.

I've spent several days on this. Cygcheck output below but W7 pro,
4GB, personal laptop, not a new CPU but otherwise seems ok and the
disk is a 480GB Sandisk SSD, fairly vanilla set-up no fancy LDAP or AD
etc, wireless net. Recently updated cygwin trying to fix this, uname
-a says:

  CYGWIN_NT-6.1 xyzzy 2.5.1(0.297/5/3) 2016-04-21 22:14 x86_64 Cygwin

There's basically no load on this machine, under 10% CPU according to
taskmgr, 80% memory but mostly that's chrome (browser.) Closing chrome
etc makes no difference. Killed off the few antivirus procs I could (I
think killing MS's security stuff takes heroics), no
difference. Killed off most everything not critical, no change.

which antivirus ?

An attempt at a reinstall or earlier a rebase_all runs for days,
literally, multiple days.

My best guess is this started after a Windows Update. I did a bunch of
them and then this started.

An strace of an ls gives me this in part (emphasis added):

    259    3733 [main] ls 2000 user_info::create: user shared version AB1FCCE8
    140    3873 [main] ls 2000 fhandler_pipe::create: name \\.\pipe\cygwin-e022582
  115c10879-2000-sigwait, size 11440, mode PIPE_TYPE_MESSAGE

  ***** interesting two lines

  16945   20818 [main] ls 2000 fhandler_pipe::create: pipe read handle 0x80
     57   20875 [main] ls 2000 fhandler_pipe::create: CreateFile: name \\.\pipe\cygwin-e022582115c10879-2000-sigwait

  ***** end interesting two lines

     65   20940 [main] ls 2000 fhandler_pipe::create: pipe write handle 0x84
     41   20981 [main] ls 2000 dll_crt0_0: finished dll_crt0_0 initialization
  --- Process 2000 thread 2864 created

That means the fhandler_pipe::create took about 17 seconds (16,945ms),
right? That would be consistent with what I'm seeing.

My guess is that it looks like it's trying to create a named pipe on a
share (see next line, CreateFile) and for some reason that's going
into a network timeout? Or slow for some reason.

Is not a share, the name is as expected for a pipe.
Usually the timing is in 100-200 range.

PS: as general rule "cygcheck.out" must be an added as attachement.
   not in line in the mail.

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