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"failed to write cache" during postinstall script run of

"man" hangs attempting to access UNC paths

/bin/rebaselst: cannot create /var/cache/rebase/rebase_lst: Permission denied

Re: /bin/rebaselst: cannot create /var/cache/rebase/rebase_lst: Permission denied

2.3.1(0.291/5/3): MAXNAMLEN too small

g++ don't build my project from last update

Re: ctrl-c doesn't reliably kill applications

[ANNOUNCEMENT] [SECURITY] Updated: subversion-1.8.16-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] [SECURITY] Updated: subversion-1.9.4-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] [Updated] _autorebase-001004-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] [Updated] maxima-5.38.0

[ANNOUNCEMENT] [Updated] Perl Distributions

[ANNOUNCEMENT] [Updated] perl-5.22.2-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] bash-completion 2.3-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] ca-certificates 2.7-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] caladea-fonts 20130214-1, carlito-fonts 20130920-1


[ANNOUNCEMENT] CVE-2016-3067: network privilege escalation in Cygwin set(e)uid

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Cygwin 2.5.0-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] feh 2.15.2-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] GeoIP-database 20160412-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] gimp 2.8.16-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] gimp-help 2.8.2-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] gnumeric 1.12.28-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] goffice0.10 0.10.28-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] gtk3 3.18.9-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] hicolor-icon-theme 0.15-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] httpd 2.4.20-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] icu 57.1-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] imlib2 1.4.8-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] iso-codes 3.67-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] isoquery 2.0-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] libgsf 1.14.36-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] libisocodes 1.2.2-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] libtirpc 0.3.2-2

Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] mesa 11.0.9-2

[ANNOUNCEMENT] mesa 11.1.3-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] mingw64-*-fftw3 3.3.4-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] New package: gdal-2.0.2-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] New package: geos-3.5.0

[ANNOUNCEMENT] New: wixl-0.95-1, msitools-0.95-1, gcab-0.7-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] nginx 1.8.1-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] noto-fonts 20160307-1.gitbdf7562

[ANNOUNCEMENT] ocl-icd 2.2.9-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] php 5.6.20-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] pngnq 1.1-2

[ANNOUNCEMENT] pocl 0.13-1





[ANNOUNCEMENT] texlive 20150521-4

[ANNOUNCEMENT] texlive-collection-* 20160404-1 (TEST)

[ANNOUNCEMENT] tzcode/tzdata 2016d-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated : netcdf 4.4.0-3

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: arpack-3.3.0-3

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: coreutils-8.25-3

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: cppcheck-1.73-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: Cygwin 2.5.1-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: fftw3-3.3.4-3

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: fish-2.3b1-1 (test)

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: gcc-5.3.0-5 (x64)

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: git v2.8.0-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: glpk-4.60-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: gzip-1.7-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: gzip-1.7-2

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: mingw64-*-{headers,runtime,winpthreads}-4.0.6-1 (x86/x86_64)

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: mintty 2.3.4

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: mintty 2.3.5

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: mintty 2.3.6

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: mkvtoolnix-9.1.0-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: mutt-1.6.0-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: octave forge packages

Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: octave-4.0.1-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: p7zip 15.14.1-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: patchutils-0.3.4-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: pl-7.2.3-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: plotutils-2.6-5

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: postgresql-9.5.2-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: R-3.2.4-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: wget-1.17.1-2

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: xgraph-12.1-5

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Version 2.2-1 of "tmux" has been uploaded

[ANNOUNCEMENT] xinit 1.3.4-11

Re: [attention p7zip maintainer] p7zip 15.14 is out

[Attn. tmux maintainer] tmux 2.2 is out

RE: [cygwin] Re: `CYGWIN=winsymlinks:nativestrict`, `ln -s target link` fails if target doesn't exist

[PATCH] Git is Git, not GIT

[PATCH] index.html: Minor whitespace fix

`CYGWIN=winsymlinks:nativestrict`, `ln -s target link` fails if target doesn't exist

Admin can access all files in nonadmin user cygwin file tree

Re: bug#23314: gzip-1.7-1 regression: cannot redirect output of gzip -l

build of coreutils fails with many many messages

Re: caladea-fonts 20130214-1, carlito-fonts 20130920-1

can't open cygwin from shortcut

Conflict between Cygwin 1.7 and Ubuntu for Windows 14316

converting from -mno-cygwin

crash caused by stack-allocated array in child process after fork?

CRM Users List

cron works only when screen is locked - error in eventviewer

Re: ctrl-c doesn't reliably kill applications

cygwin 2.5.0-0.12 questions, vim and nextafterl()

Cygwin 64bits gcc produces erroneous constants with the win32 headers.

Cygwin and Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c on Windows Platform

Cygwin certificate is not trusted? Unknown issuer?

Cygwin mv and cp fail: skipping file 'file', as it was replaced while being copied

Cygwin process activation very slow

cygwin support for building for Win CE

Cygwin website / docs

Cygwin-2.5.0 net share wbadmin no longer working post update

Cygwin/X windowed single window mode not working properly on Windows 10

Don't descend into a flame war. was: Re: native Linux userland in Windows 10

Error using builtin print command in mksh

Every time I update 64bit Cygwin refresh the following happens: 'Package: _/Unknown package' ' exit code 1'

Re: FFTW + OpenMP

file permission problem

font encodings dirs ?

Re: g++ don't build my project from last update

gcc x86 - problem on library search order

gdb using Windows paths in dlopen()ed modules?

git and absolute Windows-style paths

git clone fails with error chmod on config.lock failed: Invalid argument

GPG fingerprint verification

RE: grep (GNU grep) 2.24

gzip-1.7-1 regression: cannot redirect output of gzip -l

hi Cygwin

Home directory has blank space, X resources not recognized

How can I try a newly build package locally?

How to install a custom permanent postinstall handler?

httpd/sshd will not start due to "failed to create proxy mutex" error

hwloc: missing pkgconfig

Re-install of cygwin today 4/7/16 and xterm missing

Installing python's pypiwin32

introduction, fix for npm w.r.t. git, and questions

Invalid relocation for xpdf

Re: Issues with ACL settings after updating to the latest cygwin.dll - correction

Janus for vim

Just finished updating my 64-bit Cygwin; at the end I have an exit code of 2 from

Re: Keep calm

ld randomly assigns wrong user and group IDs to executable

make command is throwing a "cygheap base mismatch detected" error.

makeinfo causes perl error ? Cygwin X86 download today

Mediainfo (and perhaps others) needs to be rebuilt.

Mintty font problem

Re: Mintty font selection problem on Windows XP

Missing dependency ?

multiple definition of `atan2l' on the current Cygwin

native Linux userland in Windows 10

Near the end of the Cygwin (64bit) update process today, an error regarding

nfs-server package gone?

No checksum recorded for tar-1.28-1-src, cannot determine integrity of package!

Noto fonts missing from cygwin

Octave segmentation fault when plotting graph

Re: Octave segmentation fault when plotting graph -- dri-drivers

openssl 1.1 beta release available?

Re: Package choosing algorithm ...

Re: Package choosing algorithm ... more clarification

Re: Packages not found by setup 2.873

pass arguments enclosed with double quotes from bash shell to windows program

Permission Problems

Permissions change concern

plotutils-2.6-4 postinstall error in cygwin 2.5.0

Post install script zp_texlive_finish.dash of TeX Live-update fails

Re: postgresql - How do I upgrade Postgres database in Cygwin? - Server Fault

Re: Postinstall script errors

Postinstall script errors on cygwin x86 install

Process map and fork problems

Program start blocked / mintty?

Proposed patch for web site: update most links to HTTPS

pthread_attr_init() returning errors

pypiwin32 question

Query of type of memcpy (and sys_errlist) on Cygwin

reading from pipes fails if working directory is on a removable drive

Re: rsync performance degradation? Could be a windows issue?

Re: Security update needed for mercurial

Re: Security update needed for mercurial (upload error: doesn't follow naming convention)

Seg Fault from strace

The setup-x86.exe can't be called by blocked way on Windows 10

setup.ini in error?

setup.ini in error? More details

spinlock.h timeout causing *** fatal error - add_item abort

SSH access to desktop

ssh-host-config openssh-7.2p2-1 csih-0.9.9-1

strange behaviour of 'ls'

Strange quoting behaviour using cygwin utilities outside shell

strxfrm() returns an incorrect value on a short buffer

Re: Unable to start mintty.

unison-2.48.3-1 cannot sync to a server running unison2.48.3 (ocaml 4.02)

Unreliable flock

Updated package needed for mercurial 3.7.3 security update

Updating from 2.1.0-1 to 2.5.0-1

Warning "Font has limited support for character ranges" on every new window since yesterday

Warning: Mismatch between the program and library build versions detted. (WxWidgets)

Windows file share under Cygwin?

xfig3.2.5c crashes when trying to open dialog window

Re: xgraph 12.1-3 segfaults when run

XWin startup crash x86_64 Windows 10

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