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Re: Installer of Cygwin 64 seems to freeze when executing /etc/postinstall/ - version 2.874

Please find attached the script /etc/postinstall/ and the output of its execution (file postinstall_xlaunch.txt).
Thank you.
Best regards,
Jean-Paul Bouchet

On 02/06/2016 15:21, Jon Turney wrote:
On 31/05/2016 17:36, Jean-Paul Bouchet wrote:
I try to install cygwin 64 on a windows 7 PC in order to let users open
an X11 session via xlaunch  on a linux server (gdm3).

I have selected only 3 components of X11 to complete the default
selection : xinit, xlaunch and Xorg server.

The installer seems to freeze when it executes /etc/postinstall/
Information about the progression of the installation is blocked during
several minutes with 99% Cygwin - Setup

If I don't cancel the installation, it seems to finish correctly.

17:36:33   running: C:\cygwin64\bin\bash.exe --norc --noprofile
17:55:47   Changing gid to Administrators
                 Ending cygwin install

Is it a normal behaviour ?

Thanks for reporting this problem.

No, this is not normal or expected.

Perhaps you could manually run the postinstall script with 'sh -x /etc/postinstall/' to see where it is getting stuck?

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