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Re: ulimit system wide

Hi Corina:

We have solved it developing two bash scripts: the first one set
ulimit and calls the second one which includes the duplicity call. I think
ulimit command must be included in a parent bash process.

Many thanks,


Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> On Jun  2 10:32, Mario Barcala wrote:
> > Hi all:
> > 
> > Duplicity does not work inside cygwin default installation because it
> > needs more or equal than 1024 into max open files. If we run ulimit
> > -n, we get 256. If we run ulimit -n 1024, and then ulimit -n, we get
> > 1024, and this way duplicity works fine from terminal.
> > 
> > But we want to launch duplicity from crontab and we don't know how to
> > change ulimit system wide to avoid duplicity failing from crontab.
> > 
> > Any hint about how to solve this problem?
> The ulimit value is more or less faked.  There's no systemwide limit at
> all.  What about a script which sets the limit to 1024 prior to calling
> duplicity?
> Corinna
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