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Download without installing

Hello cygwinners,

I've observed for several weeks something strange, and I'd like to ask
here if it's a bug or my misunderstanding.

I've just tried this:
1. Run setup.exe version 2.874 (32 bit).
2. Select the option "Download Without Installing", to download a
   basic (default) repository to an empty local directory.
3. I see a "Resolving Dependencies" window, showing extra packages
   that supposedly will be intalled to satisfly some dependencies.  I
   accept the default settings.

Well, after the setup program is done downloading all the packages to
my new local repo, I repeat the above process, to verify that this
second time there is no need to download anything.  But to my
surprise, in the "Select Packages" stage, if I select the "Pending"
view, I see again the same list of packages of the first time, and
when I click "next", I see the same "Resolving Dependencies" window
with the same extra packages.  Finally, when I click "next", no
dowloading takes place this time.

This seems to me like a bug in the installer.  I think that the
"Pending" view should be empty the second time I ran the installer
(and of course no "extra dependencies" should be advertised to

Thanks in advance for your help.

Dani Moncayo

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