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Re: Vim responds too slow on the latest snapshot of cygwin1.dll

On Jun  6 00:33, Takashi Yano wrote:
> Hello, everyone.
> I tested the latest snapshot of cygwin1.dll, and
> noticed that vim editor respond too slow on it.
> When I open some file with vim, the text appears
> after a few seconds. ^F and ^B keys also update
> the screen very slowly.

This is what is being discussed in the thread starting at

Just as John I can't reproduce this.  What OS version do you run this
on, and is it 32, 32 under WOW64, or 64 bit?

> I tried to bisect the problem, and found that this
> problem occurs after :
> commit e5665d8c930485d5ac6d8913573e27b9e5043d92
> Author: John Hood <>
> Date:   Wed May 18 19:14:17 2016 -0400
>     Improve and simplify select().
>     * select.h: Eliminate redundant select_stuff::select_loop state.
>     * (select): Eliminate redundant
>       select_stuff::select_loop state.  Eliminate redundant code for
>       zero timeout.  Do not return early on early timer return.
>       (select_stuff::wait): Eliminate redundant
>       select_stuff::select_loop state.
> I hope this problem will be fixed before release.

Me, too, especially since we're going to have to release 2.5.2 this week.

If we don't have a solution I'll revert this patch for 2.5.2 and we can
reapply and improve it for 2.6 then.  Of course it would be nicer to
have a fix :}


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