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Re: stty icrnl

Achim Gratz <Stromeko <at> NexGo.DE> writes:
> I'm trying to connect to a development board via a (USB) serial line.  It's
> using CR rather than NL for line ends, so I was hoping for stty to set that
> up so I could use screen to communicate with that board.  No such joy on
> Cygwin since the cooked modes are not implemented apparently.  Connecting
> via screen anyway lets me send commands to the board with no problems, but I
> cannot see any output (presumably because screen waits for the line end ?).
>  I can dump the output into a pipe and see it, but of course not at the same
> time screen is connected.
> Is there some other terminal emulator/program that would let me use this
> board anyway via Cygwin until Cygwin learns cooked mode for terminals?

cu is the normal Unixy way of using a remote USB->serial line, but I can't
find it in Cygwin packages searching for \<cu\>, and cu spews too many hits. 

Maybe try Windows putty non-TCP/IP serial I/O? 

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