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Re: stty icrnl

Warren Young writes:
> Unfortunately, it is a GUI program, which seems to go against the OPâs actual wish, which is for a command line program.  

Right.  Plus it doesn't have the translation capabilities that I needed
in this particular case.

> If the OP can stand a curses terminal program (as opposed to a purely
> bytestream oriented program like cu or direct /dev/tty* access) then
> Iâd suggest minicom.

I've used minicom on Linux for similar hardware.  It also doesn't have
the translation capabilities needed since usually the IOCTL layer does
it, which remains unimplemented in Cygwin for serial lines.  Meanwhile,
I might need to write a proper wrapper for fully utilizing that hardware
anyway since I want to automate a few things and then have to keep an
eye on how much characters I've queued up and wait for echo in some

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