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Re: exit code 2

On 6/12/2016 6:32 PM, Mark McGregor wrote:
----Ken wrote:

The exit code is the number of font caches that fontconfig thinks it failed to write.

In fact, I'm pretty sure it actually did successfully write the cache, and the error message is bogus. You can test this by adding the -v flag to the fc-cache invocation in
  /usr/libexec/fc-cache-1 -sv

I think you'll find that if you rerun after it has reported "failed to write cache" on a certain font directory, it will then give a message saying the cache is up to date and doesn't need to be rewritten.
That's what I've found, anyway.

Thank you. After running
$ /etc/postinstall/
I obtained the output in the attachment, which looks good. Are you saying that the message is bogus and no action is needed?


While compiling some (seemingly good) LaTeX file I'm getting
xdvipdfmx:fatal: This font using the "seac" command for accented characters...

Output file removed.
Error 256 (driver return code) generating output;
file file.pdf may not be valid.
I have no idea about whether it is related.

I suspect it's unrelated. Please make a separate bug report about that, and I'll see if I can help. Try to cut your LaTeX file down to a minimal file that exhibits the problem.


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