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Re: man incredibly slow because it scans for share directory in PATH??

Achim Gratz wrote:
Riedel,Till (TM) writes:
IMHO at least in Windows/Cygwin creating MANPATH from PATH makes no
sense! (although I now get the idea what was the rationell!)
Reasonably setting MANPATH should IMHO be a default...

MANPATH is unset in a standard Cygwin installation since quite some time
and it wasn't constructed from PATH before that change.
I.e. in a console window, if you type:

> echo $MANPATH
What do you see?  On my system, I see a rather short version that
isn't exactly right as it has non-existing directories in it:

But since they are at the end, it doesn't much seem to matter. On a linux distro, All of the directories in MAN seem to exist and have
man pages in them:


(backslashes inserted by me for readability).

According to the cywin manpage for man, man has a config file
that tells it where to search in "/etc/man_db.conf".

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