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RE: Cmake on cygwin64 fails with error "C compiler "/usr/bin/cc" is not able to compile a simple test program"

Hans-Bernhard Bröker writes:
> One possibly important difference is that you keep your source tree in the Windows user profile directory; I never subscribed to that idea.

I've put the source tree in a number of places with the same result.  I'll try again at any location you suggest.

>  What this brings to mind is that maybe an antivirus program or other BLODA is getting in the way here.

This would explain why I'm having the same bad behavior on multiple PC's at work--they all have the same BLODA.  But it's strange that 32-bit works and 64-bit doesn't, and that an older version of 64-bit Cygwin worked.  I will try from my home PC to see what happens.  

I am also trying to send a message with a more complete package of the errors, but so far the mail server on one end or the other has rejected my attempts.  Will keep trying.

   -- Frank

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