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Re: Piping on 64-bit Cygwin was Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] llvm 3.7.1-2

On Jun 21, 2016, at 4:54 PM, <> <> wrote:
> Three years ago, 64-bit OpenGL not yet working at all was simply motivation to see how the then-new 64-bit Geomview fleshed out.

Why mention OpenGL at all, then?

This is part of reducing the problem to a simple test case: remove confounding complexities.

> I don't have the technical knowledge to reduce Geomview's internal complexities to a simple C program

It doesnât have to be a C program.  It just has to be a short command or program that someone could run.  Give me a 3-line command, or a short script, or a series of menu options to click, or *something*.

Help me help you.

> I've reproduced this SaVi-can't-talk-with-Geomview-on-64-bit-cygwin problem on multiple installs

How, exactly?  Give me the step-by-step.

Realize that almost no one reading this will even know what Geomview and SaVi *are*, much less how to run them.

> (you might want to turn off non-ascii apostrophes. They don't seem to match your encoding, as shown in the web mailarchive.)

I just checked the archives of two other mailing lists I regularly contribute to, and they show the non-ASCII characters correctly in their web archives.

My mailer is using good old UTF-8, as you can see by the headers it emits.  Apparently Sourcewareâs mail processing chain isnât UTF-8 clean.
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