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Re: FUSE for Cygwin

On 6/22/16, 1:39 PM, "Jeffrey Altman" < on behalf
of> wrote:

>On 6/22/2016 3:43 PM, Bill Zissimopoulos wrote:
>> The bigger question is whether the Cygwin community would want a package
>> like this. The obvious answer might be yes (I hope), but there is a
>> caveat. WinFsp includes a kernel-mode driver that needs to be built
>> Microsoft tools and signed using an EV certificate. In fact it looks
>> those requirements will only get harder as time passes -- soon we may
>> a sysdev account just to sign drivers. This means that the familiar
>> of getting the source and compiling everything using Cygwin tools cannot
>> work here.
>I believe that as of Windows 10 Anniversary Edition and Server 2016
>Secure Boot becomes mandatory for new installations and with Secure Boot
>comes the requirement that all device drivers (including file system
>drivers) be signed by Microsoft.

I agree. That is my understanding as well.


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