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Re: POSIX permission mapping and NULL SIDs

>Why don't we just follow Fedora Linux here and use a mapping to either
>99 (nobody) or 65534 (nfsnobody)?  Both uid values are ununsed in the
>mapping and 65534 aka 0xfffe has the additional advantage that it's not
>mapped at all (all values between 0x1000 and 0xffff are invalid).
>Also, since 65534 is -2 in a 16 bit uid it seems like a natural choice
>to me.
>So, what about S-1-0-65534 <-> 65534, name of "{nfs}nobody"?

I am happy with the S-1-0-65534 *SID*, but I note that the 65534 *UID* is
perhaps *not* a good choice. It is actually already mapped to
S-1-5-15-4095, according to your own [IDMAP] document:

S-1-5-X-RID                          <=> uid/gid: 0x1000 * X + RID

With X=15 and RID=4095, we get uid==65534. Unfortunately S-1-5-15 is the
SID for "This Organizationâ according to the âWell-known security
identifiers in Windows operating systemsâ document [WKSID]. OTOH, because
S-1-5-15 is a âleafâ SID and not a ânamespaceâ it may be possible to
assume that the S-1-5-15-4095 SID cannot appear (I am not sure about that).

BTW, I have here a partitioning of the UID namespace that may help choose
the right mapping:

 * UID namespace partitioning (from [IDMAP] rules):
 * 0x000000 + RID              S-1-5-RID,S-1-5-32-RID
 * 0x000ffe                    OtherSession
 * 0x000fff                    CurrentSession
 * 0x001000 * X + RID          S-1-5-X-RID ([WKSID]:
 * 0x010000 + 0x100 * X + Y    S-1-X-Y ([WKSID]: X=1,2,3,4,5,9,16)
 * 0x030000 + RID              S-1-5-21-X-Y-Z-RID
 * 0x060000 + RID              S-1-16-RID
 * 0x100000 + RID              S-1-5-21-X-Y-Z-RID

Clearly the namespace is very busy with multiple overlapping ranges.

With all that and to help conclude this thread I gather here all the
proposed mappings. Corinna, I will use the one which you prefer the most:

S-1-0-65534                    <-> 65534

S-1-0-65534                    <-> -1==0xffffffff
S-1-0-65534                    <-> -2==0xfffffffe

S-1-0-99                       <-> -1==0xffffffff
S-1-0-99                       <-> -2==0xfffffffe



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