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Re: [PATCH] Add continuous integration build configuration for Cygwin

On Jun 28 17:40, Qian Hong wrote:
> Hi,
> I'd like to volunteer to maintain a(nother) continuous integration
> build for Cygwin. Thanks to Jon Turney we recently setup an Appveyor
> build for Cygwin on Windows. This time I'm proposing a Tea CI build
> for Cygwin on Wine.
> Attached is the build configuration, which includes three parts:
> The "stage1" part build Cygwin runtime on Cygwin (on Wine), the "test"
> part copy the new cygwin1.dll to override the current cygwin1.dll, and
> do some simple test to verify the new runtime dll starts correctly,
> the "stage2" part rebuild Cygwin using the newly built cygwin1.dll
> environment as a self test.
> Here are some examples for build results:
> - Tea CI detects build failure of cygwin:
> - Tea CI detects runtime failure of new cygwin1.dll:
> We've successfully used Tea CI to detect build failure and runtime
> failure before, which were already reported to upstream, I hope to
> upstream this build configuration so we could detect those failures
> even earlier, and I'll volunteer to maintain the build script and
> monitor the build results. Please consider the patch, let me know
> anything else I can do.
> Regarding the new procedure for code contributions to the Cygwin
> sources, since I've submitted patches to Cygwin before with Cygwin
> Copyright Assignment signed, I think I'm fine here ;) But anyway I'm
> happy to declare I provide my patches to Cygwin source under the
> 2-clause BSD license as

No worries here for toplevel or newlib.

I applied this change for now.  If somebody on the newlib list sees any
problem with it, please explain.


Corinna Vinschen
Cygwin Maintainer
Red Hat

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