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Re: rebaseall ate my homework (Windows 10 install, that is)?

[Mailer glitch?  Previous message consisting of attachment should have
started with the following]

I'm now pretty sure (it's happened 3 times since Thursday) that some
aspect of postinstall (2.5.1 or 2.5.2) has broken my Windows 10 64bit

Anyone else had a bad experience lately?

The first time the symptom was the Excel started refusing to launch
shortly after upgrading to 2.5.2, and after a reboot the system went in
to a Repairing reboot loop.

After disabling that loop, the problem which showed up was the (per
Google) infamous "\Windows\System32\hal.dll is missing or corrupt"
problem, which is as far as I can tell unfixable, short of a reinstall.

I did the reinstall, and set to work rebuilding my life (see today's
earlier message about recovering my own files).

As part of this, I tried re-installing 2.5.1 from disk, and again the
first reboot thereafter failed (note, _not_ the first reboot after the

So after _another_ reinstall, I tried the 2.5.1 reinstall right away,
followed by reboot, and failed again, same way.

I [just sent] setup.log.full, which I don't _think_ shows anything going

Any suggestions on how to debug welcome,

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