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Re: Setup of texlive-collection-basic waits in postinstall/0p_texlive_prep.dash

Ken Brown writes:
> I have often found that rebasing doesn't immediately fix fork failures
> until I reboot.  (My guess is that this is due to some kind of caching
> that Windows does.)

The most likely reason would be that ASLR enabled libraries keep their
location until the next reboot, so if one of these collides with some
vital part of Cygwin, rebasing Cygwin is unlikely to help (unless you
identify exactly which library in Cygwin is colliding and rebase it by
hand to some other place, only to have to re-do this after the next

If you can avoid 32bit Windows installations, do so by all means.  If
you must use them, keep the number of Cygwin packages you install to the
absolute minimum.  Even then, you will likely run into trouble if you
use any other largish software package alongside Cygwin unless you've
bumped the user virtual address space to 3GB.

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