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RE: chere not seeing my preferred $HOME

From: Rainer Blome 
> Hi Kenneth,

(Actually, I don't know how to do that, so I do it manually.)
> not sure what you are aiming for here.

I simply want chere to run my .profile before it presents
me with the bash prompt.
> The purpose of `chere` is, quoting from its help,
> to "to right click a folder in Windows Explorer and
> open a Cygwin shell *in that folder*."
> Your `.bash_profile` should run in whatever directory
> it is called from. To refer to a file in your $HOME,
> explicitly do so (by prefixing any path with $HOME).

I guess the problem is knowing how to tell chere what
my Cygwin $HOME is.

> > Hoping I can keep the two domains separate.
> What kind of domains do you mean?
> > chere> echo $HOME; cygpath -w $HOME
> > /cygdrive/c/Users/KNellis
> > C:\Users\KNellis

Using the word "domain" generically, there is my Windows
domain ($HOME is C:\Users\KNellis) and my Cygwin domain
($HOME is C:\cygwin\home\knellis). chere appears to be using
my Windows domain, which doesn't have a .bash_profile,
but I'd like it to use my Cygwin domain.

> How come you have differing values for $HOME in some contexts?

Different domains.

> Do you have two separate Cygwin installs?


> Two home directories?

Yes, a Windows home and a Cygwin home, as demonstrated.

> Where does the "chere" prompt stem from?

Just for this posting I manually entered: PS1='chere> '

--Ken Nellis

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