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Re: Anecdotal: Rebase and Visual Studio 2015 and /etc

On Jul 1, 2016, at 4:12 PM, KARL BOTTS <> wrote:
> I use Cygwin32 on Windows-64.

Then youâre artificially making rebaseâs job harder.

The list of 32-bit-only Cygwin packages is tiny these days, and youâve just rebuilt your Cygwin environment.  With my new find-cyg-roots script, you could rebuild your current 32-bit environment under Cygwin 64 quickly.  

That should prevent the reoccurrence of the rebase problem.

> Windows itself also
> uses lots of 32-bit components even under Win-64.  In fact, VS itself is
> a (very large) 32-bit app.

Both for legacy reasons, neither of which apply to Cygwin.

> 32-bit software runs so smoothly under an opsys running on
> Intel64, is one of the latter's best features.

64-bit software runs on 64-bit CPUs pretty well, too. :)

>> Because Satya Nadella has been in charge for only about two years now.
> You think he's in charge?

Microsoft under Nadella feels a whole lot different than Microsoft under Ballmer to me.  Sure heâs steering a large ship, but he *is* moving it.
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