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Re: Can't Delete Home Directory - Unknown+User:Unknown+Group

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> From: Bruce Halco 
> To: cygwin
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> Date: 2016/7/2, Sat 06:28
> Subject: Can't Delete Home Directory - Unknown+User:Unknown+Group
> I don't know how this happened, and it was probably self-inflicted, but one 
> of the home directories in a new cygwin install has wound up owned by 
> Unknown+User and Unknown+Group, with permissions 750.
> Opening the cygwin window "As Administrator" will not allow me to 
> remove the directory or change ownership, with "Permission denied"
> Attempts to take ownership in windows also fail with permission errors. 
> That's normal in my experience.
> This is installed on Win7 Pro 64-bit.
> I've done quite a few cygwin installs and rarely had more than minor 
> problems. I'd have no objection to wiping this install and starting over, 
> but of course I'm stuck at the "wipe" part.
> Thanks for any suggestions.
Similar thing happened to me on windows 10.
I executed
$ cygstart --action=runas rm (dir name)
solved the issue.

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