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Re: Parallelization

Thomas Koenig <tkoenig <at>> writes:

> I am working on a non-linear, boring system of ODEs, boring being
> defined as non-stiff and without other numerical surprises.
> So, CV_ADAMS works well.
> The only interesting part is that there are very many of the ODEs,
> around 30000 at the moment, and that each ODE depends on around half of
> the others, so a Jacobian (were I to calculate it) would be quite
> densely packed.
> Sundials works well for this problem, but it takes rather a lnog time
> and only utilizes a single processor on a 20-core machine.
> So, the question: Is there a way to parallelize the calculation for
> this? The references in the Sundials docs that I have seen only refer
> to parallelization of solving linear equations, which I do not need
> to do.
> Regards
> 	Thomas

This is more of a general numerical ODE or Sundials usage question
rather than a cygwin specific one, but I would try openmp or mpi on
your function evaluations first, if that's taking most of the time.
Do you know whether sundials is thread-safe?


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