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cygport : A[CM]_CONFIG_HEADERS extraction fault

Hi Yaakov,
building librsb I hit a very unusual AC_CONFIG_HEADERS
definition where the extraction logic implemented in
is failing.

Attached file with examples
$ grep 'A[CM]_CONFIG_HEADERS*' | sed -e 's!A[CM]_CONFIG_HEADERS*(\[*\(.*\))!\1!g' -e 's!\]*!!g'

rsb-config.h,[sed 's/^#define /#define RSB_/g;s/ RSB_RSB_/ RSB_/g' rsb-config.h > rsb-config.h.tmp ; echo '#endif /* RSB_CONFIG_H_INCLUDED */' >> rsb-config.h.tmp ; cat $srcdir/ $srcdir/rsb-config.h.hin rsb-config.h.tmp > rsb-config.h ; rm rsb-config.h.tmp

The first is from a very standard definition, the second
from the unusual one. I suppose the expected behavior is to catch only
"rsb-config.h" and not all the rest.

No clue how to solve


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