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Re: Size limitation for NcFsd drive?

Am 2016-07-29 um 16:38 schrieb Corinna Vinschen:
On Jul 29 16:18, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
In the first place it would be prudent to find out why the
FileAllInformation info class fails on this drive.  And in the second
place it would be important to find out how to fix this.  Potential

- Buffer alignment of the FILE_ALL_INFORMATION member in class

- Buffer size of the FILE_ALL_INFORMATION member.  For instance,
  does it work if the buffer is 1 byte bigger?  Or perhaps if
  the buffer is NAME_MAX bigger?

- There's also a chance (albeit minor) that the FileAllInformation call
  actually worked and the weird status code is just wrong.  After all,
  returning from this call with STATUS_BUFFER_OVERFLOW is valid, too,
  so I'd check for this as well here.

Hi Corinna,

no, the error code isn't influenced by alignment or size. For local drives and SMB shares the STATUS_BUFFER_OVERFLOW turns into STATUS_SUCCESS as soon as there is enough room for the share path in the FILE_NAME_INFORMATION.FileName flexible array member (actually, why isn't path_conv_handle.attribs._fai larger? performance? FileNameInformation usually not needed?). But for the NCP share the strange error code for FileAllInformation remains. Checking all the members of FileAllInformation one by one, it turned out that it's the FileInternalIformation member that fails. I've reported it as a bug to Novell.

Nevertheless I believe the fallback to NtQueryDirectoryFile(FileIdBothDirectoryInformation) does not do what you want if the path is the root directory of a share. But that's not the cause of this problem.


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