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Re: PS and AWK Linux Commands on Cygwin

On 8/4/2016 9:20 AM, Mark Hansen wrote:
On 8/4/2016 6:12 AM, Eliot Moss wrote:
So, a couple of things ...

Cygwin definitely supports gawk - I use it all the time.
My system has a link from awk to gawk, so awk will work.
I can't recall if I added that link or if it came with
the installation.  awk may be in a separate package
that you'll have to install from the Cygwin package

I have a fresh installation of Cygwin and /usr/bin/awk is a link to /usr/bin/gawk - FYI

As for ps, it works, but it will show only Cygwin
related processes.  It may have other limitations
as well, because it might be impossible or very
difficult to support some POSIX features under

Cygwin ps allows for a -W command-line argument which tells it to include all windows processes.
There are other arguments like -l for "long" mode, -f for "full" mode, etc.

Thanks for the additional info!

On Windows, procps is useful, but of course it's Windows-specific ...

Regards - EM

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