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Re: PATHEXT is fundamental to Windows and Should be recognised by CYGWIN


You need to configure your email client to wrap your text at no more
than 78 characters, 72 would be even better.  It helps quoting what you
write better.

You also need to stop top posting or remove the trailing mail from the
reply if quoting that particular mail isn't necessary.

Cygwin Community,

This conversation has driven me bonkers.  Cygwin is a tool for windows
first and foremost.  It was designed to help make life for those who
support both UNIX and Windows servers a little easier by not having to
convert scripts and utilities.  Cygwin is now trying to be something
more by becoming even more UNIX like.  Some of the changes that have
occurred are presenting havoc on those of us who have used a mix of
applications, some Cygwin runtime and some Windows runtime.  This makes
it difficult as is evidenced by the complaints in this list about ACL

With the PATHEXT debate Michael (and others before him) is stating that
it would be nice if Cygwin, like its competitors, could use the PATHEXT
variable to determine if the file can be executed by extension.  The
naysayers are stating that it isn't POSIX or UNIX behavior; I agree with
that statement.  I don't agree that Cygwin cannot use this variable to
determine if a file is executable.  Cygwin doesn't have to determine the
program to use, the Windows API has the smarts for that.  All Cygwin
needs to do is to pass the file path to the API to execute the file.
Cygwin even now makes an exception for files ending in .exe; see the
output of 'ls -l /bin/ls' versus 'ls -l /bin/ls*'.

I've stated this to cast my support for using PATHEXT even if it is a
filtered option via the CYGWIN variable.  Michael are you willing to
provide code?

cyg Simple

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