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Launch cygwin as non-domain user

I'm attempting to work with ruby on rails in cygwin, though I know
it's a difficult path to go down. I have a windoz7 laptop which is
connected to a company domain sometimes, and which pushes security
updates down sometimes. Normally, when I launch cygwin, my console is
for user rvanover@RVANOVERMEIREN, and my user can create rails apps
and install bundles - even if they are dropped in from windows and
owned by Administrators.

Recently, after an update I imagine, when I launch cygwin, my console
is now for user CHI+User(14497)@RVANOVERMEIREN, and starts in the root
(/) directly rather than my user. To cygwin.bat, I added 'set
HOME=\C:cygwin64\home\rvanover', and the console will load at my
normal home and my bashrc aliases are available, but when I run
'bundle install' for a rails app (dropped in from windoz explorer), I
get error 'EINVAL: Invalid argument @ chmod_internal {path to some gem
bin script}'.

I don't have users/groups in /etc. Sometimes when I'm off the company
network/vpn, cygwin will come up in my normal user console, and work
normally, but I can't tell why that happens.

I just want to know how to launch cygwin as my non-domain user so I
don't get these chmod problems?

Best Regards,

Bob Van

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