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chere mintty window position


I recently did a clean reinstallation of 32 bit cygwin, and as part of that, downloaded the chere package so that I could get Windows Explorer context menu bash here support.

I like my cygwin bash terminal windows to come up maximized by default.

So, my usual procedure the first time that I use the context menu bash here feature is to:
1) click on mintty's Windows square button in the top right to maximize the window
2) right click inside mintty --> Options... --> Window --> click on Current Size button

Doing that this time ALMOST works.  When I try the context menu bash here feature now, the mintty window does come up greatly enlarged.  BUT it is not correctly centered!  It actually is shifted to the right by ~5 or so pixels!  That means that the right side scroll bars, for example, are partly going off the right side of the screen.  This is very annoying.

Is this a known bug with mintty?

Is there a fix?

I have one guess.  This mintty page
says that it supports a
    -p, --position X,Y
options, so something like
    -p 0,0
should do the trick.  The question is how can I supply an option like that to mintty when it is opened by chere from a Windows Explorer context menu.

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