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[ANNOUNCEMENT] libxcb 1.12-1

The following packages have been uploaded to the Cygwin distribution:

* libxcb1-1.12-1
* libxcb-devel-1.12-1
* libxcb-doc-1.12-1
* libxcb-composite0-1.12-1
* libxcb-composite-devel-1.12-1
* libxcb-damage0-1.12-1
* libxcb-damage-devel-1.12-1
* libxcb-dpms0-1.12-1
* libxcb-dpms-devel-1.12-1
* libxcb-glx0-1.12-1
* libxcb-glx-devel-1.12-1
* libxcb-randr0-1.12-1
* libxcb-randr-devel-1.12-1
* libxcb-record0-1.12-1
* libxcb-record-devel-1.12-1
* libxcb-render0-1.12-1
* libxcb-render-devel-1.12-1
* libxcb-res0-1.12-1
* libxcb-res-devel-1.12-1
* libxcb-screensaver0-1.12-1
* libxcb-screensaver-devel-1.12-1
* libxcb-shape0-1.12-1
* libxcb-shape-devel-1.12-1
* libxcb-shm0-1.12-1
* libxcb-shm-devel-1.12-1
* libxcb-sync1-1.12-1
* libxcb-sync-devel-1.12-1
* libxcb-xfixes0-1.12-1
* libxcb-xfixes-devel-1.12-1
* libxcb-xinerama0-1.12-1
* libxcb-xinerama-devel-1.12-1
* libxcb-xinput0-1.12-1
* libxcb-xinput-devel-1.12-1
* libxcb-xkb1-1.12-1
* libxcb-xkb-devel-1.12-1
* libxcb-xtest0-1.12-1
* libxcb-xtest-devel-1.12-1
* libxcb-present0-1.12-1
* libxcb-present-devel-1.12-1
* xcb-proto-1.12-1

libxcb provides an interface to the X Window System protocol, which 
replaces the current Xlib interface. Xlib can also use XCB as a transport 
layer, allowing software to make requests and receive responses with both, 
which eases porting to XCB. However, client programs, libraries, and 
toolkits will gain the most benefit from a native XCB port.

This is an update to the latest upstream release.


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