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File create problem


I have the strangest of problems. Freshly downloaded setup-x86_64.exe
fails to create some files, e.g. bash.exe, with access denied. So, I
started digging.

Trying to create bash.exe (with any random content) by other means
also fails.

Creating other files in the C:\cygwin64\bin folder works just fine,
e.g. C:\cygwin64\bin\bach.exe.

There is no existing C:\cygwin64\bin\bash.exe that has permissions
that can be examined, so the only permissions that can reasonably
have any effect are those for the folder, but as stated, it is ok
to create e.g. C:\cygwin64\bin\bach.exe which means that folder
permissions appear to be ok.

Renaming the existing C:\cygwin64 to C:\cygwin64old, and then
trying to install a fresh copy in C:\cygwin64 gets the same
permission error.

Installing bash et al with the base in C:\cygwin65 works just fine.

So, it appears that the name "C:\cygwin64\bin\bash.exe" (and a few
others) is just special in some way.

I'm not part of any domain, and I'm on Windows 10. Rebooting
doesn't help. Disabling AVG business edition doesn't help.

What can cause this? Can there be some hidden link to a pending
remove? Any suggestions what I can try?


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