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Re: Script broken after updating bash to 4.3.46-7?

On 8/27/2016 12:15 PM, Andrey Repin wrote:
> Greetings, Gene Pavlovsky!
>> Looks like it's related to a recent change in bash, which is `read`
>> now honors Cygwin-specific `igncr` shell option (`set -o igncr`),
>> which I didn't enable.
>> Adding `set -o igncr` to the top of the script does the job, however
>> I'd like to know how many more scripts are potentially malfunctioning
>> now?
>> It's lucky that one sent e-mails on errors, some others might just
>> break silently.
>> Is it advisable to add `set -o igncr` to /etc/profile or SHELLOPTS? I
>> didn't use that feature before and am worried about some other
>> negative side effects.
> It is advisable to not have CR's in your scripts to begin with.

I thought this was about the data the script was reading and not the
script itself.  Data can have \r regardless of where in the data it
exists.  That said relying on defaults for a process has been taboo
since the dawn of computing.  Often defaults change on a whim, they are
bicycle shed colors, a maintainer may prefer blue instead of red in any
given release.  If your script requires a specific mode for the shell to
process data properly then be sure to set it before reading the data.

cyg Simple

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