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Re: Windows Subsystem For Linux

On 30/08/2016 09:44, wrote:
A viewpoint on this whole Windows Ubuntu Frankenstein hybrid vs Cygwin thing:

In comparison with the difficulties trying to build Geomview under 64-bit Cygwin,
then discovering the piping issues that prevent it working with modules, using
the Windows Ubuntu subsystem to install pre-existing Ubuntu packages and dependencies
turned out to be surprisingly straightforward and user friendly.

Compare the instructions on:

and you can see why the complex build-on-Cygwin instructions are now listed last. (I also had
no problem pulling in gcc and tk-dev and building SaVi from source. Haven't yet tried with

I think Cygwin's Xming will soon be the most popular Cygwin spinoff, filling the same
free Xserver role that XQuartz does on Mac OS X now that no longer ships an Xserver
with the OS, and I think we're all going to be very grateful that Xming exists.

Lloyd Wood

I will not use your experience on geomview / savi as standard reference of effort for porting software to cygwin.

Last June I had little problem to built geomview-1.95 from source.
It was almost vanilla effort with minimal patch.

Savi needed a bit more of effort but it was mainly due to the old
style of building method and the peculiar startup script.

I doubt the communication issue between the 2 packages on 64 bit
are really due to "piping issues", I suspect more a wrong assumptions
in the chain and I will not bet on tcl/tk correctness.

My effort and the cyport files are located here:

feel free to reuse it.


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