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Re: Command switches to remove categories of packages from an existing Cygwin installation

On 01/11/2016 13:04, Keith Christian wrote:
On Sat, Oct 29, 2016 at 12:17 PM, Keith Christian wrote:
While I use a few X11 packages, I find that I don't need the KDE or
GNOME categories.

Are the command line switches to remove KDE and GNOME the following?

  setup-x86.exe -c GNOME -c KDE

Sadly, it seems that the repeated option is not handled correctly by setup at the moment, so you will need to use the syntax

setup-x86.exe -c GNOME,KDE

Is there a setup-x86.exe switch to avoid downloading and installing
GNOME and KDE categories so that a separate remove command is not

I'd rather put this (e.g. setup-x86.exe -c GNOME -c KDE) in a batch
file to avoid clicking around in the Cygwin Setup GUI to avoid
installing or re-installing GNOME and KDE categories.

It's a bit unclear why you would need to do this more than once. If these packages keep getting reinstalled because of dependencies, then perhaps you really do need them.

Thanks in advance.

Any feedback on this question?  Would rather not destroy the Cygwin
install on my work computer if there is a problem with my SWAG at
removing GNOME and KDE categories.

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