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Re: Unattended install "remembers" the download option

On 2016-11-05 11:33, Drake, Richard R wrote:
On Sat, 5 Nov 2016 09:14:40 -0700 Wayne Davison wrote:
On Sat, Nov 5, 2016 at 7:01 AM, Drake, Richard R wrote:
What is really curious is where this option is being stored. If I
knew that, then maybe I could remove that setting so it would
revert to the default setting.
Look in /etc/setup/setup.rc. I bet the line following "last-action"
is just "Download" in your file. Mine is "Download,Install" (after
a tab).
Thanks Wayne, that was the clue I needed.
Turns out cygwin will use the Windows Registry to store previous
install locations, and in that previous location I had the "download
only" option set. The setup program used the Registry to find a
previous install location (/etc/setup/setup.rc file) and used that to
populate some options.

To easily check the registry for all your installations, try:

	$ ls -R /proc/reg*/HKEY*/SOFTWARE/Cygwin

to see the useful content:

	$ find /proc/reg*/HKEY*/SOFTWARE/Cygwin -type f | xargs head; echo

to get the settings from /etc/setup/setup.rc for: last-cache, last-mirror,
last-action, net-method (Direct or proxy):

	$ sed "0,/^$SETTING/d;s/^\s\+//;q" /etc/setup/setup.rc

to change it, at your own risk, type carefully:

	$ sed -i "/$SETTING/{n;s/^\s\+.*/\t$NEW/}" /etc/setup/setup.rc

I picked this up while forking apt-cyg at:
with three pull requests against the original at:
* fix postinstall processing so it works the same as current setup,
  does not rename permanent and dash scripts, and runs only once
  after all packages have been installed (even recursively);
* add apt-get-like source command with options for --download-only
  and --compile, which uses whichever is available in the package:
  -cygport script, so it can auto-pre-install build dependencies to build;
  - configure script;
  - Makefile;
  both of the latter require build dependencies manually preinstalled;
* quieten wget by adding the -nv --non-verbose option.
Download latest branch wget-non-verbose and try it if you use apt or want to
easily download and/or build sources, especially those using cygport (many):
master branch reflects the original whose author seems unresponsive lately,
so pull requests may never be merged.

Take care. Thanks, Brian Inglis, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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