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Installing Cygwin on XP-SP3 with setup-x86.exe 2.874

Hi all, first time posting.

I first installed Cygwin a few months ago on my XP SP3 machine, don't
know much about Linux but wanted to use ddrescue to image some disks
and I found it to work great! Thanks for this great solution!

The other day I wanted to add the lsblk command, which I tried by
running setup-x86.exe again and searching for a lsblk package to add,
but after installing packages it broke Cygwin completely.

Now I get the following error when trying to run it:
"mintty.exe - Entry Point Not Found. The procedure entry point
CancelSynchronousIo could not be located in the dynamic link library

Is there a way to get v2.874 of setup-x86.exe to only download the
older, XP-compatible packages? Because right now aside from the fact
the first few steps of the installer actually run, 2.874 doesn't
really work on XP either.

As a warning to anyone else running Cygwin on XP - I'm guessing my big
mistake was not noticing and leaving the default option of "Curr"
checked, which means update all parts of Cygwin to the latest version?
I should have selected "Keep", so that only the new lsblk package I
wanted would be downloaded?


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