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2.6.x: broken compatibility with Wine


this issue has been reported 2 month ago [1]. Since MinGW-w64/MSYS2 on
Wine is still totally broken and Cygwin is a regression trigger, I'm
starting here a thread to track the progress. Qian Hong (fracting)
shared an excerpt from IRC-log [2] with some details. Corinna suggested
to revert ffcef70. But this didn't happen. I'd like to kindly ask about
current considerations towards fixing the lost compatibility.


[1] mintty doesn't start under wine-staging

[2] IRC-log cut

P.S. Was it not too early to remove WinXP support? Though it is
officially not supported anymore, there are still PCs running WinXP
(and Wine). Also there are still systems, I've heard, using some
embedded Windows, that shares the same code with WinXP, thus making it
not yet truly obsolete. Additionally a lot of work has been done by
Cygwin contributors to support this OS and I believe the most of bugs
have been workarounded, while due to stopped development it is not
likely one has to spend time solving new problems. So was it really
worth to drop the hardly crafted code? Are there already some
worthwhile advantages? Why wasn't it possible to switch Cygwin WinXP
support to just "not officially supported"? (kindly asking)

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