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No gawk-doc package, gawk source autoconf fails

Looked for gawk doc in /usr/share/doc/gawk*/ - no HTML, PDF etc.
Checked for gawk doc as a package - no gawk-doc or anything like it.
Downloaded gawk package source and tried to configure enough to build doc.
Seems to be problem with autoconf autopoint gettext package version
- something run by autoreconf seems to be detecting gettext 0.19.8-1 as instead of 0.19.8 which causes autopoint to fail:

Preparing gawk-4.1.4-1.x86_64
Unpacking source gawk-4.1.4.tar.xz
Preparing working source directory
Compiling gawk-4.1.4-1.x86_64
autoreconf-2.69: Entering directory `.'
autoreconf-2.69: running: /usr/bin/autopoint -V --force
autopoint: warning: Version mismatch: specified -V but the package uses gettext version 0.19.7. Forcibly upgrading to
autopoint: *** The AM_GNU_GETTEXT_VERSION declaration in your
               file requires the infrastructure from gettext- but this version
               is older. Please upgrade to gettext- or newer.
autopoint: *** Stop.
autoreconf-2.69: /usr/bin/autopoint failed with exit status: 1
*** ERROR: autoreconf failed

Manual configure && make pdf works okay.

Take care. Thanks, Brian Inglis, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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