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XWin server, idle, using lots of CPU time

I received a new laptop at work (Windows 7 Pro) and installed Cygwin
from scratch, including the Xorg server and xdg.

Unlike my old laptop, XWIN seems to be using about 10% CPU *all the
time* (measured with Task Manager), even when there are no clients
connected to it.  My ~/ home directory is the same, so the X server is
being set up the same way as before, as far as I can tell.

The processor is an I7-6600U with two cores, two threads/core.  10%
seems rather high, given that 25% would be one fully-utilitized
thread.  I even updated the Intel video driver to the latest Dell
version, dated November 1, 2016.  No change in behavior.

I've attached cygcheck.out and my X server log, but can anyone advise
how to track down the source of the problem? There does seem to be a
large number of winClipboardFlushXEvents failures in the Xwin log
file, but those are also in the log file on the old laptop.

This is how I'm starting the X server:

    C:\Cygwin64\bin\run.exe --quote /usr/bin/bash.exe -l -c "cd; exec

I am starting the X server with this line in  .xserverrc

    exec /usr/bin/XWin -notrayicon "$@"

Thanks - Jim

Jim Reisert AD1C, <>,

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