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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Various background wallpapers

The following packages have been uploaded to the Cygwin distribution:

* beefy-miracle-backgrounds-16.91.0-1
* constantine-backgrounds-12.1.1-1
* constantine-backgrounds-extras-12.1.1-1
* desktop-backgrounds-basic-15-1
* desktop-backgrounds-waves-0.1.2-1
* f21-backgrounds-21.1.0-1
* f21-backgrounds-extras-21.1.0-1
* f22-backgrounds-22.1.1-1
* f22-backgrounds-extras-22.1.1-1
* f23-backgrounds-23.1.0-1
* f23-backgrounds-extras-23.1.0-1
* f24-backgrounds-24.1.2-1
* f24-backgrounds-extras-24.1.2-1
* f25-backgrounds-25.1.1-1
* f25-backgrounds-extras-25.1.1-1
* goddard-backgrounds-13.0.0-1
* heisenbug-backgrounds-20.0.0-1
* heisenbug-backgrounds-extras-20.0.0-1
* laughlin-backgrounds-14.1.0-1
* laughlin-backgrounds-animated-14.1.0-1
* laughlin-backgrounds-extras-14.1.0-1
* lovelock-backgrounds-14.91.1-1
* lovelock-backgrounds-stripes-14.91.1-1
* schroedinger-cat-backgrounds-18.91.0-1
* schroedinger-cat-backgrounds-animated-18.91.0-1
* schroedinger-cat-backgrounds-extras-18.91.0-1
* spherical-cow-backgrounds-18.0.0-1
* spherical-cow-backgrounds-extras-18.0.0-1
* verne-backgrounds-15.92.1-1
* verne-backgrounds-extras-15.92.1-1

Default wallpapers for each of the Fedora releases since F12, along with collections of selected wallpapers contributed by the Fedora community.


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