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Re: Cygwin Setup - Choose Best Mirror Automatically for Automated / Silent Installs

Greetings, OwN-3m-All!

>> Just specify the mirror by hands.
>> If it doesn't work for some reason, find that reason and eliminate it.

> That's really not a good solution.  I don't have control over the
> mirrors or would know why one isn't working.

But you have control over the script that working your installation, and you
can choose a mirror that is likely working. I.e. mirrors.

> I think a new command-line argument should be added that makes Cygwin setup
> pick one of the mirrors it knows is good from the list it downloads.

> A command-line argument is the way to go, but a text file with a list
> of known good mirrors that could be downloaded and parsed by a script
> would also be of great help.  Cygwin already checks the status of its
> mirros as far as I know.

It knows all of them and all of them are good for it.
If you know better, then it's up to you to tell it that.

> And for some reason, using the mirror of
> ""; on Windows Server 2008 sometimes
> causes it to randomly crash complaining about a runtime c++ error
> without any good information output into the setup log.  Like I said,
> when I run the setup manually, the list of mirrors it pulls does not
> contain "";.

Now, this is a more useful information. But still not quite enough to track
the problem.
If you are familiar with GDB, you can try debugging the execution and see why
it crashes.

> I'd much rather rely on Cygwin's list than one hard coded site value
> for a mirror which may or may not be up-to-date.

So, do that. I see no stopping for it.
As Brian pointed out, the list of mirrors is publicly available.

With best regards,
Andrey Repin
Friday, November 18, 2016 09:06:05

Sorry for my terrible english...

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