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[ANNOUNCEMENT] php 7.0.13-1

The following packages have been uploaded to the Cygwin distribution:

* php-7.0.13-1
* php-devel-7.0.13-1
* httpd-mod_php7-7.0.13-1
* php-bcmath-7.0.13-1
* php-bz2-7.0.13-1
* php-calendar-7.0.13-1
* php-ctype-7.0.13-1
* php-curl-7.0.13-1
* php-dba-7.0.13-1
* php-enchant-7.0.13-1
* php-exif-7.0.13-1
* php-fileinfo-7.0.13-1
* php-ftp-7.0.13-1
* php-gd-7.0.13-1
* php-gettext-7.0.13-1
* php-gmp-7.0.13-1
* php-iconv-7.0.13-1
* php-imap-7.0.13-1
* php-json-7.0.13-1
* php-ldap-7.0.13-1
* php-intl-7.0.13-1
* php-mbstring-7.0.13-1
* php-mcrypt-7.0.13-1
* php-mysqli-7.0.13-1
* php-odbc-7.0.13-1
* php-opcache-7.0.13-1
* php-pdo_dblib-7.0.13-1
* php-pdo_mysql-7.0.13-1
* php-pdo_odbc-7.0.13-1
* php-pdo_pgsql-7.0.13-1
* php-pdo_sqlite-7.0.13-1
* php-pgsql-7.0.13-1
* php-phar-7.0.13-1
* php-posix-7.0.13-1
* php-pspell-7.0.13-1
* php-recode-7.0.13-1
* php-shmop-7.0.13-1
* php-simplexml-7.0.13-1
* php-soap-7.0.13-1
* php-sqlite3-7.0.13-1
* php-sockets-7.0.13-1
* php-sysvmsg-7.0.13-1
* php-sysvsem-7.0.13-1
* php-sysvshm-7.0.13-1
* php-tidy-7.0.13-1
* php-tokenizer-7.0.13-1
* php-wddx-7.0.13-1
* php-xmlreader-7.0.13-1
* php-xmlrpc-7.0.13-1
* php-xmlwriter-7.0.13-1
* php-xsl-7.0.13-1
* php-zip-7.0.13-1
* php-zlib-7.0.13-1

PHP (recursive acronym for 'PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor') is a widely-used 
Open Source general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited 
for Web development and can be embedded into HTML.

This is an upgrade to the latest major stable release, with numerous changes:

Notable packaging changes include:

* The configuration files have been rearranged into version-agnostic locations.

* The standalone php-jsonc is replaced by php-json.

* The php-mysql extension was removed; php-mysqli replaces it.

* The php-mssql and php-sybase_ct extensions were removed; use php-pdo_dblib or
  php-odbc instead.

* mod_php7 replaces mod_php5.

Due to a lack of PHP 7 support in SWIG, many third-party PHP bindings are not 
only binary incompatible with this version but will no longer build.  These 
will be removed from future releases of such packages.


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