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RE: suggest adding posting dates to follows-up and references

From: Eric Blake 
> On 02/22/2017 08:27 AM, Nellis, Kenneth (Conduent) wrote:
> > FWIW, here's a change that I would find beneficial:
> >
> > At the bottom of a post, which is either a reply and/or has a follow-up,
> > we see something like the following example:
> >
> >  • Follow-Ups:
> I'm guessing that you are using a webmail interface.  Such text is NOT
> part of the email body being sent, but is rather it is added by your
> webmail provider interpreting the <In-Reply-To> headers present on the
> message.  Other mail clients have their own way of showing threads.  But
> your request is not something the Cygwin list can change, but rather a
> feature you'd have to request from your webmail provider (or that you
> can change by downloading your emails and reading them with a local
> client like thunderbird or mutt).

No, I'm not using webmail. I am using browser to read postings directly
from (I copied from the web page,
then pasted and did a bit of editing to get the bullets to render
somewhat before posting. Maybe that gave the appearance of what 
webmail might do.)


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