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Re: Installing sshd with option --type manual

On 5/4/2017 3:31 PM, Fran Litterio wrote:
> On 4/28/2017 11:48 AM, Charles Russell wrote:
>> Starting from a default installation of sshd that was working
>> properly, I tried uninstalling sshd with cygrunsrv and reinstalling
>> with --type manual.
>> (cygrunsrv --install sshd --path /usr/sbin/sshd.exe --type manual)
>> After rebooting I cannot start sshd with cygrunsrv.  Instead, I get
>> message "Error starting a service: Query service status: Win32 Error
>> 1062"
> You can try opening the Services Control Panel app (run "start
> services.msc" in a Command Prompt) and changing the startup type of
> service "Cygwin sshd" to "Automatic (Delayed Start)".

I reran ssh-host-config and it restored the status quo ante, including pubkeys and all configuration. However, even though sshd is working fine under Cygwin, it does not appear in Windows' list of services, so I cannot change the startup option there.

> In theory, that was all you changed with your cygrunsrv command.

Looking at the cygrunsrv command in ssh-host-config, installation of sshd requires some additional configuration options that I don't understand.

Thanks for your response.

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